Hello courteous readers, welcome to my site.spirit3

My pen name is eM, it is pronounced like the letter “M.” Don’t ask me why that is, I don’t make the rules… I am a male human being with a masters in electrical engineering; I am a part-time adjunct professor, part-time engineer, and part-time author/investigator. I’m intimidated by the sheer amount of personal websites with cool self-introductions. I am not sure how cool I can convince you to perceive as one, but I’ll give it a shot. Let’s see… If an angel and a demon had the most strange and divinely-unexplainable sex ever, and conceived a child, it would have become something like me. Or… Let me also try this way:

I am the kindest, most wicked man on planet Earth.

That is right, it sure is a small planet! I am on a quest to reveal the purpose of existence. Many have tried, I know, but, but I am committed to live and die trying. There is nothing better else to do… I mean (in a non-crazy way), something is not right… Don’t you think? Everything that is, may have never been, and yet, it is. Curious, when you stop and think about it. Existence, just is…

In my spare time I like to think, write, play video games, and learn. I consider myself a seeker of truth, so I won’t claim that I never lie, but I will confess that I hate lying.

I truly hope you enjoy the sh*t I write. Reach out to me in the comments sections if you genuinely wish I read your thoughts – because I will. I know, it might seem like an awkward thing to do…but give it a shot, really, you’ll find that I will be happy to read from you, even if you feel you vehemently disagree with my writings. And go right ahead Internet-know-it-all’s, call my work callous, sophomoric, or whatever $100 term you feel makes you intelligent. Know that I would love to be proven wrong for that would steer me in the right direction in my quest for answers. Thanks.